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FUNctional Training NEW YORK (FTNY) was founded for the sole purpose of providing fitness services that are FUN and practical.  These services are geared towards helping clients achieve better health through customized fitness and nutrition programs that address the needs of the 21st century New York mother, senior and executive.

We work in conjunction with our clients' medical doctor(s) to build a healthcare "team" that complements one another and enhances the healing process and disease prevention. FUNctional Training New York is not a "new age" or "anti-medical" alternative.  We utilize the science behind chiropractic care, rehabilitation, nutrition, exercise and massage therapy in order to obtain optimal results for our clients.  

The focus of our company is to help treat and prevent both acute and chronic injuries and disease and help our clients achieve a high quality of life.  We aim to maximize our clients's training by providing both nutritional and fitness programs tailored to fit their unique lifestyles.  The FTNY Team is a group of certified and experienced professionals in the areas of exercise physiology and clinical nutrition.

They have been providing functional training and nutrition services to NYC residents, professionals, seniors and mothers with great success.  View our testimonials page and see what some of our clients have to say their experience with our trainers.

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    According to the Center for Disease

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     Mass Index (BMI) is a number calcu-

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     indicator of body fatness for most

     people and is used to screen for

     weight categories that may lead to

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Esther is a credentialed health consultant with a diverse background and ten years of experience.  She is certified as a trainer and a corrective exercise specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). During her career, she has worked in a wide variety of settings, with clients ranging from athletes recovering from injuries to older adults seeking to maintain or maximize their quality of life.  Click here to read her full bio.

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"Exercise is king, nutrition is queen together you have the entire kingdom"

Jack Lalanne

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