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What is FUNctional Training?


             'Functional Fitness' Means Training For Your Real Life

             WHAT good is having the sexiest biceps in town if you can't scramble up    

             subway steps with ease, run for a bus without knee pain or lift a toddler

             without wrenching your back? 

             That's the premise behind a new school of thought called functional fitness, 

             an approach that is transforming the techniques of many trainers.

             Functional fitness means that the goal of working out is preparing your body

             so it can perform daily activities -- walking, bending, lifting, climbing stairs --

             without pain, injury or discomfort.

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                            Did you know?

        Depending on your height, 20-40

         extra pounds will take your from

         being at an ideal weight to being

         clinically obese.

                         What is your BMI?

       According to the Center for

        Disease Control and Prevention

        (CDC),  "Body Mass Index (BMI)

        is a number calculated from a

        person's weight and height.  BMI

        provides a reliable indicator of

        body fatness for most people and

        is used to screen for weight

        categories that may lead to health

        problems, such as heart disease,

        stroke, diabetes and certain forms

        of cancer."


Why is FUNctional Training ideal for Boomers?


 Investing In Energy And Independence – Boomers and Strength Training

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 Strength, Power, and the Baby Boomer

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 Fitness that Functions Like You Do: 

 Tailor-Made Exercise Programs Keep You Moving Outside the Gym

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         To download your free BMI chart  

         click here (PDF).

Why is FUNctional Training ideal for Golfers?


 Learn About Functional Srength Training That Is Ideal For Golf

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 Golf FUNctional Training...Final Component of Offseason Fitness Program

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                  Try the 21-Day Starter Pack.

          Are trying to lose weight? 

          If you've been having difficulty

          keeping your weight off or

          want to increase your energy

          and vitality and don't know 

          where to start, then FTNY'S

          21-DAY STARTER PACK is   

          what you need.    

          FTNY's 21-Day Starter Pack

          includes  customized nutritional

          services, which include the

          preparation and delivery

          of foods to your home or office.

          Nutrition is the fuel that will help

          you get through the customized

          FUNctional fitness programs we

          create for you.  In addition to

          that, our 21-Day Starter Pack 

          also includes routine massage

          therapy which aids in the rest and  

          renewal of your muscles. 

          For more about the FTNY'S

          21-Day Starter Pack

          click here.

Why is FUNctional Training ideal for MEN?

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Why is FUNctional Training ideal for WOMEN?

  • U.S. National Library of Medicine

 Functional Training:

 Muscle Structure, Function, and Performance In Older Women

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  • OXFORD JOURNAL:  Oxford University Press

 Muscle Function and Functional Ability Improves

 More Community-Dwelling Older Women With A Mixed-Strength Training


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Why is FUNctional Training ideal for Weight Loss?


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 Core-Principles: The Function of Functional Training

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“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.”

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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