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       a)  FUNctional Training

            Designed to use all muscles naturally, and support everyday functions and

            movements. The exercises will enhance your strength, endurance, balance

            coordination, agility, flexibility resulting in weight loss and a balanced muscular


       b)  Corrective Exercise

             Address a clientís movement dysfunction to help eliminate pain or correct any

            past injuries. With an emphasis on posture, balance, agility, strengthening and

            overall  conditioning. It will help clients achieve better alignment and function so

            that they can progress and continue with their training goals.

       c)  Pre/Post Natal

            The exercise guidelines for pregnancy program are set by the American College of

            Obstetricians & Gynecologists.  Exercise during pregnancy offers many physical  

            and emotional benefits. The program may include: cardiorespiratory, resistance,

            flexibility training, and relaxation. Benefits of pre-post natal exercise programs

            include: increased circulation and endurance; decreased back pain, regaining core

            strength, stability and stretching. You also can look forward to improved posture,

            better sleep, and increased mood and energy.

       d)  Senior Fitness

          *Studies prove that physically active people live longer and healthier lives and

            maintain a sharper mind. The program is for adults over the age of 65 (or adults

            50-64 with chronic conditions, such as coronary artery disease, arthritis, and

            osteoporosis.) It will include aerobic, resistance, balance and flexibility 

            components.  That improve bone health and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It

            will benefit postural stability, reduce the risk of falling; and increase flexibility  

            and range of motion. Together, these benefits associated with regular exercise and

            physical activity will contribute to a healthier, more independent lifestyle, greatly

            improving functional capacity and quality of life.  

            *SOURCE: The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)


       a)  Nutritional Counseling

             The food that you put into your body is what you are made up of, as well as what

             is going to energize you throughout the day.  We help design practical

             personalized nutrition strategies for weight loss, preventing or managing disease, 

             lean body mass and increased energy levels.  Your program will include;

                1.   individualized Eating Guidelines

                2.   Food Journaling

                3.   E-mail Support (24 hour response)

                4.   Handouts, books, CDís, DVDís and other material

            *Pre/Post natal nutritional counseling is also available.

       b)  Kitchen Makeovers

             Your health will thrive with a healthy kitchen. When itís stocked with fresh and  

             nutritious foods you will make better choices.  We will visit your home and

             evaluate your nutritional needs and address the changes that need to be made in

             order to  improve your health, lose weight and manage and prevent disease. The

             program will include:

                1.   Prepping tasty, nutrient-dense ready-to-eat snacks and meals for home or 


                2.   Shopping for the most useful and easy to clean kitchen appliances

                3.   Shopping for groceries.  As stated, in our About page, we strive to make it 

                      easy for you to be healthy.  This is one of our most popular service options

                      due to the demanding lifestyle New Yorkers have.  Whether you are coming  

                      back from a trip, or just donít have the time to ensure that you have high

                      quality, fresh, local, organic products, you can count on us to make sure

                      your kitchen is always ready with tasty, healthy options for you (and your


                    Try the 21-Day FUN Pack.

        Are trying to lose weight? 

        If you've been having difficulty

        keeping your weight off or

        want to increase your energy

        and vitality and don't know 

        where to start, then FTNY'S

        21-DAY STARTER PACK is   

        what you need.    

        FTNY's 21-Day Starter Pack

        includes  customized nutritional

        services, which include the

        preparation and delivery

        of foods to your home or office.

        Nutrition is the fuel that will help

        you  get through the customized

        FUNctional fitness programs we

        create for you.  In addition to

        that, our 21-Day Starter Pack 

        also includes routine massage

        therapy which aids in the rest and

        renewal of your muscles. 

        For more about the FTNY'S

        21-Day Starter Pack

        click here.

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"Exercise is king, nutrition is queen Ė together you have the entire kingdom"

Jack Lalanne

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