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                     FTNY's 21-Day FUN Pack

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Esther Artiles


"My experience as a client of Esther's for the past two years has been life-enhancing beyond what I could have imagined.  I have seen countless other personal trainers, and Esther's work is in a category of its own.  The quality of attention she gives to all aspects of health elevate her above the specifics of her field—into the realm where genuine health and wellness become possible.  Aside from her studies and credentials, Esther has personally experienced and overcome many hurdles to health and fitness herself.  Because of this, she deeply understands the intersecting effects of exercise, diet, lifestyle, and mental health on my quest for well-being in body and mind. Equally impressively, as my needs have shifted, Esther has been able to recognize this and adapt her approach accordingly.  This has empowered me to realign my priorities and set new, more relevant goals when appropriate.  


Aside from being uniquely skilled and insightful, Esther is also a warm, supportive professional whose thoughtful care extends beyond her clients' sessions.  Countless times, after discussing an issue with Esther, I would find a helpful article, newsletter, or video clip in my email.  It is rare to find extraordinary people in any field, those who bring a comprehensive mixture of commitment, knowledge and compassion to their work.  I feel blessed to have found such a person in Esther."


~Micah Rafferty, teacher and mother

         Are trying to lose weight? 

         If you've been having difficulty

         keeping your weight off or

         want to increase your energy

         and vitality and don't know 

         where to start, then FTNY'S

         21-DAY STARTER PACK is   

         what you need.

        FTNY's 21-Day Starter Pack

        includes  customized nutritional

        services, which include the

        preparation and delivery

        of foods to your home or office.

        Nutrition is the fuel that will help

        you  get through the customized

        FUNctional fitness programs we

       create for you.  In addition to

       that, our 21-Day Starter Pack 

       also includes routine massage

       therapy which aids in the rest and  

       renewal of your muscles. 


       For more about the FTNY'S

       21-Day Starter Pack click here.

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I started working out with Esther when I was pregnant with my 3rd child.  She not only made my pregnancy bearable by keeping me stretched and toned but really helped in my post partum phase in shedding the 40 lbs. I had gained.  I had had twins my previous pregnancy and had never lost 10 lbs. I had gained with them so I was 50 lbs. heavier then my normal weight at the end of my pregnancy.  Esther was an incredible support in my dieting effort as well as my work out effort.  I had assumed my bulging stomach, a by product of my twin pregnancy was never going to go away, but with her functional training method and support on the dieting front it went back to normal proportions.  I am now 55 lbs lighter then at the start of my pregnancy and my shape is totally transformed and I owe it all to Esther with her constant encouragement and targeted training.


Deborah Slade, lawyer and mother

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I hired Esther to be my personal trainer after I saw the amazing results with my husband, David. She was such a motivation to him and made him want to go to the gym. I started training with Esther 4 months before my wedding to tone my body, especially my arms.  She is so knowlegeable about the body and how the muscles work. The results were fantastic and I had reached my target weight and my arms are defined now.  I currently still train with Esther; her workouts are dynamic and FUN. She constantly switches the exercises to challenge me and I have to say I look forward to my training sessions.

Sydelle, teacher - pictured above

As a busy New York professional, I did not have endless hours to spend in the gym. I needed a practical, exercise regime that I can incorporate into my life-style. Esther was able to provide a pragmatic and functional program that incorporated muscle strengthening, cardio-vascular, conditioning, and flexibility. Initially, I was concerned that weight-lifting would increase my appetite, as I had exercise weight gain working with other trainers, because they were more interesting in bulking me up. Esther’s approach vastly deviated from this flawed mentality by focusing on a long- term sustainable program. In addition, Esther also understands the importance of nutrition as an essential component to the overall workout plan. From my initial weigh-in with Esther at 207lbs I have been able to drop to and maintain a comfortable weight of 185lbs. Equally important, she stays up on the latest exercise trends and research and this is evident in her functional training approach.

David, executive - pictured above

. .

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.”

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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